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Let’s study in Australia, another new direction and a new school.

Let’s study in Australia, another new direction and a new school. Very interesting conditions are offered, so please familiarize yourself with the information.

We have placed the first 7 students on visas, and we have started registering students for further studies in this field.

Location: Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand

Introducing Schools:

  1. World Wide School of English – English language training.
  2. Crown Institute – Affordable College Programs.
  3. University of Waikato – Language training for students without a language score + Master’s, Bachelor’s.
  4. Massey University – Language training for students without language scores + Masters, Bachelors.
  5. AUCKLAND INSTITUTE OF STUDIES (AIS) – Cheap Bachelors and Masters.

We selected more than 20 schools based on the criteria of low fees and scholarships.

We have the following advantages.

  1. Payment after visa pre-approval
  2. admission without language score
  3. A study visa is an official work permit
  4. The right to accompany family members to university admissions
  5. Check your language in New Zealand and continue to apply for an Australian visa from New Zealand with us
  6. Visa issuance 89-95% (average issuance of 89 countries)
  7. The recommended schools are all good ranking or 1st class schools

etc., a new direction is opening with many advantages.

You can receive initial visa information free of charge by contacting us and making an appointment.

To make an appointment: 75094499, 88090914, 99107914.

Let’s study in Australia from the community.