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We first started working with ICQA English College in Brisbane. Between 2011 and 2016, we enrolled for more than 150 students to this college and they successfully commenced their studies.

We were the first agency in Mongolia to organize an one-month tour activity for middle school children in Brisbane, Australia.

We made a partnership contract with Australian universities in Brisbane, such as Griffith, CQU, QUT, and TAFE-QLD.

We became the official representative of Australia's Group of 8 universities, which are among the top 100 schools in the world, and we are still working successfully as a representative agency in Mongolia.

For the first time in 2016–2017, 28 young individuals from Mongolia went to Australia under Subclass 408 category visa for working and residence visas through our agency. It is encouraging to see that the majority of our clients went to Australia that time are now still reside and employed in Australia while obeying the law of the country. Numerous organizations at the time investigated our actions as being fraudulent, however looking back, it is gratifying to see that the lives of our young individuals, who traveled on work visas with reasonable amount of financial guarantees by then, have improved.

We accepted proposals for cooperation from English language colleges and some universities in IRELAND and CANADA and started working together. Also, I worked in Dublin and Toronto as we are invited to the school, got acquainted with real information personally, and improved our counseling skills.

We made agreements with universities European countries, including Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia and Netherlands in 2022, and we attended the ICEF Berlin conference as well.

Moreover, during the Work & Travel International conference held in Lisbon, Portugal in July 2022, we were granted the award of “New Best Program Implementation Award” with Australian Working Adventure Company, among more than 50 programs at the conference, which was a tremendous honor for us.

In addition, we partnered with all Australian universities and English language college without any boundary, and opened the path for many students as of 2023. We opened our branch in Sydney, Australia as it makes our onshore process simpler for students who are renewing their visas in Australia in 2023. We handle visa extensions and adjustments for more than 60 customers.


Our activities have continuously expanded, and as of today, in addition to directly representing 200+ schools, universities, and colleges in more than 10 countries, we also accept work and travel programs, group tours, investment visas, and immigration applications.

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Why Choose ICMA Agency?

People have different opinions about what kind of assistance an education consultant agency can provide to students and why they should seek the services of a professional advisor while choosing to study in Australia. Everyone has the right to submit their documents according to the study visa application materials, send a request to enroll at the school, and apply for the visa themselves. However, there is a great need for people to receive professional consulting services, including the probability of a successful visa, and the process of preparing documents in an orderly and clear manner by online system. In addition, visa fraud /fraud documentation is one of the fraud activities that have been growing significantly in the Mongolian market in recent years. Against this, the Central Bureau of Investigation launched a campaign called "Tsaasan ongotsond buu suugarai” meaning, don't be involved in a fraud. Therefore, here are some reasons influencing the choice of why you should choose us.


Director's Greetings

Since we started our activities in 2011, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the students who have chosen us for foreign education, including Australia, to change their future and to develop. express my gratitude.